Terry Moore, LCAC 
Counselor | Peace Advocate

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Sometimes things in life happen to make us evaluate our priorities. I've recently decided to 
retire in order to be close to home in Indianapolis and spend as much time as possible with my wife Kim. So I've cut way back to only teaching one class per week on Saturday mornings. 

One unfortunate part of this change is I've had to stop welcoming past clients to visit my class for free. On the other hand, the work continues. I've trained the next generation of instructors and turned over most of my programs to them.  If you have family or friends who you think could benefit learning from me personally then encourage them to get enrolled as soon as possible. I'm not sure how much longer I'll keep teaching. I've got a little travel bug I've been suppressing.

My counseling career actually began more than 30 years ago as a Substance Abuse Counselor. At my first job we formed one of the first Intensive Outpatient Programs in the State of Indiana. I've held several other positions over the years including working at Fairbanks Hospital in Indianapolis and as a Substance Abuse Supervisor with the Indiana Department of Corrections. I've also started a couple of private outpatient addiction treatment agencies too.

I am a Past President of the Indiana Counselors Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ICAADA). I am still a Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor and I keep my agency certified to provide outpatient addiction services. However, I don't currently provide addiction treatment services.

I started my first counseling business (Nonviolent Alternatives) in August 1991. I have specialized in counseling people who are violent and abusive since. As a leading expert on domestic abuse, I was interviewed on national TV and many times by local media. In 2003 I was featured in the nationally award winning documentary Journeys of Survival; Indianapolis Responds to Domestic Abuse. Local airing of this documentary resulted in the creation of WTHR's Shattering the Silence on Domestic Violence project which continues to this day.

As a co-author of the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence Standards for Batterers Intervention Programs, I was instrumental in designing these policies and protocols, designed foremost to protect the safety of victims and survivors of domestic abuse. I was honored as the ICADV Batterers Intervention Program Professional of the year for 2009.

I am also the creator and producer of the Cognitive Accountability Training (CAT) Model, an evidenced-based CBT model for conducting psycho-educational classes to stop abusive behavior. A research project started in November 2009 provided empirical evidence of the model's effectiveness in changing "criminal thinking" (denial) to end violent and abusive behavior toward one's self and others.

Personal Life

I live in a condominium on the Southwest side of Indianapolis in Perry township. 

I don't smoke or drink alcohol. But I've been know to put away a bucket of popcorn on occasion. Yeah, I'm a pretty boring guy.

Kim and I have season tickets for the Indy Fuel hockey team, an affiliate of the Chicago Blackhawks. But to be honest, my heart is still with the Tampa Bay Lightning

Kim's medical situation was improving for awhile sufficiently for us to still attend many home games
. For her birthday I bought her a scooter so she no longer needs a wheelchair to get from the parking lot to our seats.  Here she is with our team mascot Nitro and the Indy Fuel Captain, 
Zach Miskovic. It is now the summer of 2017 and her situation continues to improve. I'm happy to say she no longer needs to use the scooter or a wheelchair, Yeah!!!

Bob Chase
I grew up in Fort Wayne, and my family always had season tickets to see the Komets, so I've been a huge hockey fan since childhood. This is a picture of me with Bob Chase. Bob was the voice of the Komets on WOWO radio since 1953. That's before I was born! What an amazing guy. Sadly Bob passed on Thanksgiving morning 2016.

US Army
I am a veteran of the US Army and the US Navy, in which I served five years total. When I went to
college, I was supported by the Vietnam-era GI Bill; I'm not sure I would have made it through college otherwise. In college, I studied a lot of Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, and Philosophy. 

Below is a tribute to those who died while serving on my ship in the US Navy.

USS Saratoga

The whole time I was in the Navy was spent aboard the USS Saratoga.  Our home port was Mayport, Florida.  I was on board for two Med Cruises.  During the cruises I never knew much about what we were doing until we got back to the US and people told me because they heard about it on the news.