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Individual Counseling, Coaching, and Mentoring
Terry A. Moore, LCAC

My services are for people struggling with being abused or being abusive, have trouble understanding what's going on in their lives and/or their relationships, among other things. 
Perhaps you have a significant other that is abusing alcohol, drugs, cheating, gambling, or doing something else that is hurtful, deceptive and dishonest.

Maybe you saw characteristics of yourself by reading my quiz, "Are you abusive?Now you don't know what to do? 

It is very common for someone with an abuse problem to feel so guilty and ashamed that it's inconceivable to think of admitting what you've done. Or afraid of your image or reputation being damaged. I understand. However, I can't help you if you don't take the first step and force yourself to come and see me. All I can do is promise you discretion, compassion, acceptance, honesty, and my sincere desire to help you. I know what you're going through because I've been there too. The real cure to alleviate guilt is a process called "amends".  Amends has three parts; 1. repair the harm I've done to the best of my ability, 2. repair myself to ensure I won't make the same mistake again, 3. forgive myself because I'm a human being. I can effectively mentor you through this process.  I can help you make the changes needed. The truth...if you don't do it won't succeed.

Abuse is any thing we say or do that breaks the "golden rule" (treat others how I want to be treated). 100% of human beings are abusive and 100% of human are on the receiving end of abuse of others. The real question is not, "Am I abusive?", but "Do I want to accept responsibility for my hurtful words and actions and learn how to change?"

The ancient philosopher Aristotle said, "The goal of life is happiness". Hasn't this stuff blocked your ability to be really happy long enough? 

If you are not court mandated to attend domestic violence counseling, I can help you one on one, it just costs more. After just one meeting with me you will leave feeling inspired and hopeful of your ability to change. Anyone can learn to be a kind, caring, loving person of integrity. No one needs to go through life with loved ones and others walking on egg shells feelings scared.  I can help.  The first step is to come to see me. The ball is in your court.

I also offer individual counseling, coaching, and mentoring for substance abuse. Visit to learn more about that. I view myself as a temporary professional sponsor helping individuals jump start a healthy, sustainable recovery process.

I actually don't have many private practice clients. Most of my work is serving and President and Program Director of
Abuse Counseling and Education, Inc. I started my first counseling agency, Nonviolent Alternatives in August 1991.

As I just stated, I see very few clients in a private practice. But I encounter situations in which I see this as the best option to help the person contacting me for service. Especially when people are contacting me from out of state after browsing one of my websites. So if you are reading this now, perhaps this is an option that can work for you.

One characteristic that is very common in struggling relationships is "Blame Shifting". This is when one or both people are unable  to accept their own responsibility for their part in the power and control struggle they're experiencing. Both people likely feel hurt and victimized. 
Both people feel they've been the one whose been mistreated and abused. Both people become so full of hurt that never gets resolved and healed. So the hurt becomes anger and resentment. Resentments build and build and eventually turn into hatred. What was once deep intimacy and love is now hurt, resentment, anger, hatred, and bitterness.

If the relationship ends and nothing is done to heal, then all this resentment and hatred becomes baggage that is carried to the next relationship. The cycle repeats over and over.  

My advice, if your partner won't get help, then you get help anyway. Especially if you have children. Your children deserve to have at least one parent who is learning how to be sane, rational, peaceful, and happy. That way the children will have at least half a chance of learning the path to happiness for themselves too.

I am available to to meet online through web conferencing such as FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Google Voice.  I can also meet in person one on one at my office in Greenwood, Indiana. Whichever you prefer. My preference is in person at my office. But if that's not possible, online will work fine.

My first session is an assessment and the rate for this service is $150. Fees must be paid in advance before I can confirm a scheduled appointment. So you can book an appoint below and then go to the Send Me$ page to pay for the appointment. As soon as I receive the payment I will confirm the appointment time. Individual sessions after the assessment are $100 per session.

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